We plan a litter in 2024 with Pix'l - this will be her last litter

21-03-2024 - Babies out of Multi Ch Robert Super Start - aka Cooper & Multi Ch Pretty Pix'l of Cape Makkovik - aka Pix'l are born - 3 boys & 3 girls - mommy & babies are doing very very well

22-02 - Ultrasound showed us that Pix'l is in Whelp - Parents will be Robert Super Start - aka - Cooper & Pix'l -  end of March a new story will be written in the Cape Makkovik Kennel

09-01-2024 - Pretty Pix'l of Cape Makkovik - Pix'l - came in season .
In a few days we will drive to the boy I choose for her babies - some new history will be written.




What to do before getting a puppy

* Pour cold water onto your carpet and run barefoot over it – in the dark

* Immediately after you wake up go out into the pouring rain (stay there until dark) and enthusiastically repeat: “ Good dog, pee, please pee, hurry! Hurry!!!!”

* Take your nicest piece of clothing and roll it in dog hair (get it from a dog owner, they won’t mind). For light coloured clothes use dark hair and for the dark use white hair. Put some hair aside (regardless of colour) to let them swim in the morning coffee.

* Play with a wet and slimy tennis ball and let it slide down your face a couple of times.

* Sprint across your lawn in socks to close the gate

* Take the basket of freshly washed and ironed laundry and spread it all over your place.

* Jump frantically from your couch immediately before the end of your favourite TV show, run like hell towards the entrance and yell: “no, no, you will do that outside!” and miss the end of the show

* Leave your dirty underwear in the middle of the living room as it will be brought there by your dog anyway – especially when you have visitors.

* Take a screwdriver and make holes to the dining table legs – you are just staring what the puppy would do anyway.

* When going for a walk you are not allowed to walk on the pavement, but instead you zigzag through mud and puddles. It is essential that your trousers and boots get extremely dirty.

* Take the fluffy, cozy blanket from a tumble dryer (still warm) and wrap yourself into it. This is exactly the feeling you get when the puppy falls asleep on your lap.



Buying a puppy from "Cape Makkovik" kennel

Buying a puppy is not something you do rashly. A dog lives for many years and is completely dependent on its owners all life. We find it very important that our puppies end up with the right family. A Labrador Retrieverl will not thrive with just anyone, that is why we have listed some criteria’s for what we expect of our puppy buyers - and what you can expect from us. Having a dog is a lifestyle - not "simply" something you do ....

We expect that you have read a lot about Labradors and that you have spoken to or visited other breeders - or have planned to do so.

We also expect that you will come and visit us and see our dogs - preferably prior to the puppies being born. During the visit we will talk about how the Labrador Retriever is as a dog and what it means to have these wonderful dogs in your house and heart....something that amoung other things requires a safely fenced-in garden, plenty of spare time and much much more...

Together we decide if you can buy a puppy from us. If so, you will be written on our "puppy-list", so we can contact you when the puppies are born.




When the puppies are 4 – 5 weeks old, you will be able to come and see them. We expect that you will visit the puppies at least twice (depending on where you live), before you take the puppy home. This gives us a better opportunity to chose the right puppy for you - the perfect match - depending on whether your plans are a dog for showing, breeding, hunting, dog sports... etc.

A puppy from Kennel „Cape Makkovik“ leaves the kennel when it is min. 8 weeks old.

During the entire "puppy period" our homepage will be updated with pictures and information about the puppies.

Together with you, we will draw up a written agreement. You will get the agreement the day you take the puppy home. In the agreement, we will state, that we always will have first refusal on a dog from Kennel „Cape Makkovik“. This means that if your dog, for any reason, has to find a new home, we must be contacted - and have the right to have the dog back.

When you take the puppy home, it will get a pedigree and be registered with the Luxemburgish Kennel Club (FCL). Our veterinary has given the puppy a health-check, the puppy has been chipped, vaccinated and wormed.




We always recommend that you enter you puppy to a puppyclass, as puppies have to get out and discover the world - and see that not all puppies have freckles :) If you do not know who to contact regarding dog training, we can help you in finding a professional place where the dogs behavior and body language is in focus.

Your puppy has to be hip-x-rayed and eye checked when it is 15 - 18 months.

** If you need help, you can always feel free to contact us - for any reason - even if you just want to tell us how you are doing **

We follow some ethicall regulations.

It is the responsibility of everyone, who chooses a dog for breeding, to esimate if the breeding animal is physically and mentally suitable for breeding.

It should be the aim, only to use dogs for breeding, that can mate and give birth naturally and rear a litter naturally. A bitch should not be bred from, until she is fully developed.

A bitch should have no more than max. 4 litters in her lifetime - and the last litter being born, prior to the bitch turning 8 years.

Dogs with hereditary defects should not be used in breeding. Matings that have resulted in puppies with severe defects, should, for obvious reasons, not be repeated.

Matings between dogs that are closer related than cousins, should be avoided.

Breeding, where individuals numerically dominate a specific breed, should be avoided.

As long as the puppy is in the breeders care, the breeder must ensure the puppies are physically and mentally good - including good socialization.

The breeder should inform puppy-buyers satisfactory information regarding the parental-animals, the characteristics and specific needs for the breed.

Both the breeder and the studdog-owner should follow the offsprings development into grown dogs and from there evaluate their breeding stock.

We are often contacted by people who aren't quite sure of what you should ask a breeder, when you are out looking for a suitable place to buy your puppy. That is why we have made this checklist.

It isn't just the breeder that should make "demands" towards a puppybuyer - you have to do the same towards the breeder. It can be difficult to remember all the questions, when you are visiting a breeder - so it is a good idea to be well prepared and write your questions down prior to the visit - feel free to copy our checklist.

We have listed some questions here, that we have asked, when we have been out looking for a puppy. This list is ment as a "guide-line" - not as a "key" - hopefully it will give you some answers that will help you in your decision, when you are out to find the right place to buy your new member of the famliy. The list can be used for all breeds. If you have any questions, that are not on the list, please let us know, so we can add it to the list.


Checklist - looking for a puppy

Always visit more than one breeder
We are approx. 3 Labrador Retriever Breeders in Luxemburg. Even though you might have found the right breeder for you, it is a good learning experience to visit other breeders and see their dogs.

Sound and healthy dogs
See if the dogs seem sound and healthy. The dogs should have clean clear eyes (not runny) and shouldn't smell in the ears (signs of earproblems). In general the dogs should look well-cared-for and be physically in good form/shape. If the breeder has several dogs, you could with advantage ask to see them - and ask for an explanation as to why they are seperated from the rest of the dogs.

Healthy breeding
If a breeder says "I breed healthy dogs", what does that mean ? How does the breeder ensure a healthy breeding ? Which guarantees do you have regarding the health of the puppy/dog ?

Skills and Co-operation 
If you are looking for a dog you can use for hunting, it will be relevant for you to the parents of your future puppy, preforming hunting tasks (retrieving, finding game etc.). If you are not planning to use your Labrador for hunting, it is still important, that you can see if the breeder works with his/her dogs in some way. Amoung other things, it shows if the dogs are willing to co-operate and they have learnt something training-wise. So - ask what the dogs can do - what are their skills and ask to see it in practice.

A part of the famliy 
Labrador Retrievers are not suitable for living isolated. That is why the dogs in the kennel, should be part of the famliy. This means that the dogs are not locked away, but are in human contact most of the hours of the day.

Puppies - Full time 
Having a litter is a full time job. There are many things to do all day ... It can be very difficult - even with "just" one litter - to have enough time. Especially if you have a kennel with several dogs, that also need daily attention and can't be passed over, because there is a litter in the house. A breeder will often plan, when to have a litter, so they have enough time for the puppies.

Puppies – where? 
Where are the puppies from they are born till they move out ? It is so important that the puppies grow up in an safe environment, where they are a part of the family in the house. They have to learn all the "house-sounds" - hoover, television, doors slamming and people coming to visit - and be handled by people of all ages. The puppies should not be isolated from the house or the family, but on the other hand, should not be placed in a room where there is a constant bustle. The first weeks the puppy and bitch need peace and quiet. So do not expect to come and visit the breeder before the puppies are 5 weeks.

A litter must be socialized - and that can't be done within the 4 walls of the house. Ask the breeder how he/she socializes the puppies. Leaving the socialization to the people that come and visit , just isn't enough.

All puppies have to have food, but it is not unimportant what they are given to eat. Ask the breeder what feed they use and why.

The right puppy to the right family 
There can be a big difference in what puppy-buyers expect from their dog. In a litter, the puppie's personality can vary. So it is always a good idea, to ask the breeder how they decide on which puppy goes where. Ask how the breeder will find a puppy that suits you and your family.

Buying a puppy - a question of trust 
Buying a puppy really is a question of trust. It is so important that you, as a puppy-buyer, feel that you can trust your breeder. Remember that this is a person you will be in contact with for the rest of your dogs life - also if something should go wrong. Never buy a puppy out of pity or from a "puppy-farm". If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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